So...I'm CRAZY with a capital K...I'm a bit weird at (all) times...I do have a purpose however...to make people aware of my disease...LUPUS!!!

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Hey loves! It has been a while. School is kicking my ass and the winter months are NEVER good for this Lupie! I hope everyone is well and I promise to get back to blogging soon!! How have you all been??

2012.02.21  4:33pm  


I came across this talented man on Twitter. I noticed that he was tweeting some great information and facts about Lupus and I was curious to know why. I found out that he is an author and a portion of his book sales go towards Lupus Foundation of America and ending domestic violence against women, both GREAT causes. Please visit his site www.wurdzpoet.com and check out his work, Variations On Emotional Suicide…I am sure you will be just as impressed as I was!

2011.11.28  6:43pm  

R.I.P Shireka Bounds ♥

Found out that I lost another Lupie sister Shireka Bounds to this horrible Lupus disease. I swear it truly feels like a piece of me dies when one of them dies. I will NEVER be at ease or comfort knowing that I have an illness that can take my life away that quickly…please keep her family in your prayers..
2011.11.26  9:36pm  


I second that!!!



I second that!!!

(via sherlockcat)

2011.11.17  6:00pm  

Where the f**k have you been???

Hey chronically ill! I’ve missed you all soooooo much! I know I have been MIA for a while now but I am back to my blogging. Let’s see…I’ve been battling flares for a couple of months and the stress of school isn’t making the shit any easier. My rheumy recently took me off of prednisone and I am starting to feel the effects of not having it in my system -___- Nonetheless I am still going to post at least twice a week but let me know how you all have been????

2011.11.17  5:44pm  
*Nightly conversations with myself*

*Nightly conversations with myself*

2011.08.01  3:41pm  

Why do I ♥ thee…

I ♥ all of my chronically ill followers!!!!! We are in our own drug-filled, sun-avoiding, swollen ankled, hair losing, extremely fatigued, achy body, cane using, rheumy-seeking, hospital-staying, rash-covered world that very few would be able to survive in…soft and gentle (((HUGS))) to you ALL!

2011.07.17  5:07pm  

Top 10 Things NOT to Say to Someone Living w/an Invisible Chronic Illness

  • 10. Must be nice to sleep all day
  • 9. You’re lucky you don’t have to work
  • 8. I can relate
  • 7. Just take something
  • 6. Just try harder
  • 5. Just be positive
  • 4. You just want attention
  • 3. It’s all in your head
  • 2. It could be worse
  • 1. But you LOOK good!

Any additions?

2011.07.06  12:09pm  
One of THEE most Stupidest Question’s I get…

One of THEE most Stupidest Question’s I get…

2011.06.29  3:49am  
I am one fast food carton away from living like a Hoarder…smh

I am one fast food carton away from living like a Hoarder…smh

2011.06.26  10:57am  


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